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Due diligence is a key part of buying and selling a privately held business. The purpose of due diligence is to know what exactly you are buying and what you are selling. Most times, the seller already knows what it is selling. Sellers advertise certain information to attract buyers. Buyers should look beyond the materials provided by the Seller and do their due diligence. Some buyers look at the seller’s past performances, tangible assets and intangible assets, business model, industry that seller is in, the competition it is facing, the financial statements, the sentimental value and intangible assets, the liquidity of the business, liabilities, potential lawsuits, licensing, and many other areas. Some Sellers also do their due diligence when they decide to make an offer, selecting Buyers, appraising their companies, etc. 

Li Law Group advise many small and medium size businesses and foreign investors with their sale and purchase of businesses.

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