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Family is a pillar of our society. When your family is in the middle of a legal crisis, the combination of emotions and legal tasks can be overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the legal system. Let family law attorneys at Li Law Group help answer your questions about how your decisions may impact your future and the future of your family. Let us help you navigate through the legal system in Nebraska.

Whether it is litigation, divorce, or mediation, Li Law Group understands our client's priority. Your family lawyer's role is customized to your personal goals. It is important to understand your rights in court. Here are some common questions that we receive.

​How is the Child Support Calculated in Nebraska?

Generally, the child support calculation is designed to meet the child's needs in the child's best interest. Parents with different levels of income divide their financial responsibilities for making sure their child's needs are met. Often times, there is a child support calculator software that is utilized to calculate a figure in common cases. In the event the child has special needs or the parent has special circumstances, it is important those factors are taken into account and re-calculate the figures. Here is a link to the Nebraska Child Support Calculator approved by the Nebraska Supreme Court.

​What Are Some Legal Reasons For A Divorce?

Nebraska Law does not require a specific reason to file for a divorce. To protect your privacy and expedite the legal process, the law requires that long one of the parties prove that the marriage has been irretrievably broken, the court can approve a divorce. A marriage is irretrievably broken when one of the spouses has tried to solve the marital issues but without success and believes any future efforts would be unsuccessful.

If there is domestic abuse, you need to contact the local law enforcement and seek help immediately. You can request a protective order asking the judge to forbid anyone from harassing or abusing you. 

Our family law lawyers strive to provide strategic and straightforward legal representations in family law matters. With your and your family's best interest in mind, our Omaha family attorneys are dedicated to provide the following.

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