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Who May Need A Liquor License?

Nebraska Liquor Licenses are issued by the state liquor control commission. Different types of services require different types of licenses. The Nebraska Liquor Control Act defines liquor as alcohol, spirits, wine, beer, and any liquor or solid and capable of being consumed as a beverage by a human being. If you dealing anything within that definition commercially, you may need a license.

It is common sense that liquor retailers need a license. But one-time events may also need a permit to consume liquor. The Commission requires a Special Designated License for your one-time event involving liquor if any of the following situation is present: (i) the event is open to the general public, (ii) the event is in a building accessible to the general public, (iii) the event is advertised, or (iv) there is a transaction related to the alcohol.









What If I Brew Alcohol At Home?

Nebraska law 53-1,100 (2) says any person who manufactures spirits at any place within the state without first obtained a valid license to do so under the act shall be guilty of a Class I misdemeanor for the first offense, and a Class IV felony for a second or subsequent offense.

53-198 says any house or place where alcoholic liquors are sold, manufactured, bartered, or given away in violation of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act, any place where such liquors are kept for sale, barter, or gift in violation of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act, the properties hereby declared to be a common nuisance.   Any person who maintains or assists in maintaining such common nuisances shall be guilty of a violation of the act. If the owner of the property has knowingly violated the act, such building or property shall be subject to a lien for and may be sold to pay all fines and costs assessed against the occupant of such building or premises for any violation of the act.


What Do I Need to Do To Get a License?

The first thing is to figure out what type of license you may need. Different licenses have different requirements. Generally speaking, you will be going through a background check on any arrest and criminal history.

Li Law Group can help businesses obtain their liquor license in Douglas County, Sarpy County, and Cass County. Li Law Group understands the challenges and rewards of running a business. We have helped many small and medium size business owners. Here is a list of business entities that are available in Nebraska.

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