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Criminal Defense Lawyers

Omaha, NE

Trust, Talent, Efforts, Teamwork, Results

The criminal defense attorneys at Li Law Group provide diligent and affordable criminal defense lawyers who can assist with cases ranging from Misdemeanor to Class II Felony charges primarily in Douglas County, Sarpy County, and Lancaster County Nebraska. Criminal convictions on your record can have serious consequences beyond the courthouse, such as jobs, licensing, rentals, background checks, and immigration status. Thus, our affordable criminal defense attorneys focus on keeping our client's record clean and out of jail. If you have questions or need a consultation, you can contact our criminal lawyers by clicking here and filling out an intake form.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Help You Understand Your Legal Rights

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It is important to understand your rights when the police ask you questions and conduct a search. It is also important to invoke your right to remain silent and seek legal counsel before you answer any questions that may jeopardize your liberty. The United States Supreme Court has held that under certain circumstances that a suspect is entitled to be advised of their Miranda Rights. If you are questioning whether police conduct is permissible, you should consult with our experienced Omaha criminal attorneys for proper legal representation.

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