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Business Law Attorney

Trust, Talent, Efforts, Teamwork, Results

The business attorneys at Li Law Group understand the challenges and rewards of running a business. We have advised many small and medium size business owners. Our business lawyers can offer strategic insights to help business owners achieve their goals and protect their assets. We offer a variety of legal services to small and medium size businesses.

Why Us?

The Li Law Group is different because we are a young and energetic firm with many start-up clients in the technology, constructions, health, food, beauty services, transportation, and other small mom& pop shops. We help our clients grow their businesses and their issues are not just a case number to us. We try to stay up-to-date the development of technology and cryptocurrency.

​What We Offer?

The business legal services we offer include in-house counsel and outside counsel for your small to medium size businesses. The matters we have dealt with include Mergers, Acquisitions, Business Formations, Share/Stock Transfers & Purchases, Trade Names & Trademarks, Business Formations & Dissolutions, Buy & Sale Agreements, Business Litigation, and more.

​Who We Represent?

Our business law attorneys represent owners of businesses no matter it is a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or sole proprietorship. We can represent the business itself or the owner of the business. When a business involves more than one owner, depending on the needs, we offer to either represent the business or one of the owners.

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Legal Services for small and medium size businesses:

Our business law firm hsas served our clients in complex business transactions and business litigations. Get a legal advisor before you get sued may save you money in a long run. Addressing the foreseeable legal issues dealing with local and federal laws  can help you prevent certain issues from ever happening. Li Law Group understands that you may not need a business lawyer for every legal issue your business faces. That's why we offer to be a long-term advisor for your business by providing guidance and reviews. 

Li Law Group serves small to medium businesses throughout Nebraska.

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