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Contract Negotiation, Business Formation, Business Dissolution,


Traffic, Bond, Misdemeanor Crimes, Class III & IV Felony

Annulment, Divorce, Guardianship, Personal Injury, General Civil Litigation

Removal Defense, Bond Proceedings, Immigrant Visa, Naturalization, Non-Immigrant Visa



Legal issues can be complex and burdensome. People involved in legal disputes often want their rights protected,  their voices heard, and hopefully to achieve the best possible outcomes. The best success in resolving legal disputes can often be assured through tenacious, fastidious, and skilled legal representation.

At Li Law Group, our attorneys-at-law have successfully represented many clients with cases involving family law, commercial litigation, real estate transactions, immigration removal/deportation defense, and criminal defense. We are attentive to hear our clients and understand their goals. We develop and prepare our cases to achieve our clients' needs and wants. Through trust, talent, efforts, and teamwork, we zealously represent our clients. If you have a concern or question about a legal dispute that is in our practice areas, call our civil lawyers at 402-391-2486. Our office is located at 8424 West Center Road Ste 108, Omaha, Nebraska.



Peng Li attorney at law omaha NE
Taylor Herbert attorney at law Omaha NE
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Former Client- L.N.

"Good lawyers doing good works. Contacted them to help me with a family matter. They were able to help me and get what I was looking for."

"One of the most professional law groups I have ever dealt with. Not only are they great at practicing law but they really show they care for their clients. They go out of their way to help in any way they can. Thank you Li Law for everything you did to help us out with our situation."

Former Client-Karina 

"I found the team at Li Law Group professional and willing to listen. I would recommend Li Law Group to anyone who is looking for fair and honest representation."

Former Client-Anibal 

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